Barnes Best Boat Race Pub

Oars at the ready for Saturday 30th March. Get ready to set sail for an exhilarating adventure as we invite you to join us for the ultimate Boat Race Day celebration in all of London.

Picture this: a Saturday filled to the brim with row-tastic excitement. We’re all smiles and oars over here as Boat Race Day lands right in our laps, promising a tidal wave of fun for land lovers and rowing enthusiasts alike. From sizzling barbecues to refreshing tipples flowing at our outdoor bars, and epic tunes that’ll have you dancing a jig, we’re serving up an ex-stream-ly good time.

As one of the top spots along the riverbank, we’re your prime port of call for experiencing the electrifying clash of oars and the thrill of the prestigious Oxbridge showdown. Trust us, there’s no better place to be to catch the action as we cheer on the rowing royalty to the finish line.  No need to book, just grab your crew and sail on over to us for the best boat race view in Barnes. We’ll be keeping the party going long after the trophy has been raised and long after the sun goes down.

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Boat Race Terrace

Cast anchor at our terrace, the ultimate spot for soaking in the rowing spectacle, complete with its own outdoor bar where refreshing drinks flow as quick as the river’s current. And while you’re here, don’t miss out on our delectable fresh oysters, served to perfection, adding an extra splash of maritime delight to your Boat Race Day adventure.

Terrace Takeover

Takeaway Pints

Ahoy, thirsty sailors! Buoy up at our Beavertown Bar for the ultimate takeaway pints, the perfect brew to fuel your boat race fever! With a sea of crafty concoctions and hoppy delights, our selection promises to make waves at your boat race viewing party. Grab a pint and let the good times flow – it’s time to sail away with the perfect boat race pint, and set sail for hoppy-filled adventures on the river.

Boat Race Pints

Boat Race Bite

Get ready to sink your teeth into Barnes’ best boat race bites at our sizzling BBQ. Our juicy, chin-dribbling burgers are guaranteed to make waves of flavour crash over your taste buds, while our hot dogs will have you rolling up your sleeves and diving in for a suns out, buns out adventure. So, don’t be shore about it, join us this Boat Race day and let’s grill and thrill our way to victory, one burger flip and hot dog bun at a time.

Boat Race BBQ

Boat Race After Party

Get ready to keep the party afloat at our epic Boat Race after party where the fun doesn’t stop when the race ends. We’re cranking up the tunes both inside and out, spinning a mix of 90’s and Y2K classics guaranteed to keep you grooving all night long. So if you’ve got the urge to belt out ‘Wonderwall’ at the top of your lungs with your crew, look no further, because we’ve got the stage set for your perfect Boat Race after party dreams to come true! And what’s a celebration without a few mighty magnums ready for popping with mates. No need to book, just sail on over and let the good times ape-rol!